Let’s get this done

Excuse me for a little minute while I go off, and apologies in advance for some swears:

Today is September 14, 2016. And here is the truth: polls are showing a dangerously thin margin between a competent and dedicated public servant and someone who has zero qualifications for the presidency and negligible interest in policy. That truth makes me want to put my head in a hole for the next two months.

But today is not the day to despair, bitches.

The day to despair *would be* November 9, 2016, if on that day we realize that we have not done everything in our power to shout YES! to a rational candidate and NO! to a sociopath. If on that day, we realize that we posted a bunch to Facebook, but didn’t talk to a single live undecided voter about why we think Hillary is the best choice, that will be the day to despair. The days to despair would be all those days coming after, if we were to realize that we spent more time thinking about where to move if an egomaniac is elected president than we did making phone calls, or knocking on doors, or registering new voters.

Nope. Today is not the day to despair. Today is the day to get this thing done. Today is the day that we decide to channel our anger and worry and stress into energy and enthusiasm and commitment.

Today is not the day to put our hands over our ears and la-la-la our way to November.

And today is not the day that we sit back and complain about the New York Times, or wonder why Hillary isn’t doing this or doing that.

This is our freaking democracy and yes, the media is a pain and yes, there is a whole giant basket filled with deplorable people on Twitter and Facebook, but this is OUR freaking democracy. And there are people whose lives will be devastated in very real ways if he wins. That is what is at stake. And if we decide to despair on this day, there is no way we are going to win.

Today is the day that we kiss our families goodbye until November, or drag them along behind us door to door, because we’re doing this for our kids. Today is the day that we go to the Hillary Clinton website and we order that damn sign (or I will seriously order one for you if you want) because even if you live in the bluest or reddest state in the country, that shit matters. Enthusiasm matters. Wearing the button, putting on the bumper sticker, talking to people in the grocery store – being loud and proud about supporting an actual super intelligent and experienced woman for the presidency – that matters.

The time for sitting is over. The time for being shy about this is over.

We know that bitches get stuff done. Let us freaking get this shit done, bitches.

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